Working Abroad - Costa Rica

Once a year I go to Tamarindo, Costa Rica to work with a group of entrepreneurs, digital nomads, software developers, and cyber security professionals. Each of us are able to work from wherever we'd like as long as we have our laptops and an internet connection.

It's very interesting to work with other nomads in this way. Especially because we "regroup" every year to share tricks, methods, etc. We also lend each other our various expertise. I may lean on a buddy for some copywriting or marketing advice. I'll spend time helping others with their systems automation or other tech pieces.

It's a very fruitful week and we get a lot done! We also spend a couple hours a day surfing together. We usually surf in the very early hours, then work all morning and early afternoon, surf another hour or two, and wrap up the work day with a mastermind meeting where we sort of "dump" whatever business issues is on our mind and discuss it among the group.

This mastermind group is probably my most productive week every year! It also resets me for the year to come and helps me focus for my business goals, personal goals, etc.

Here are a few pics from the mastermind.

Crew Breakfast Meeting Crew Boards Crew Me!


My company Netlandish built a software suite called AnyHow that makes it practically hands off to run my businesses. It's a one stop package that will handle things like invoicing, timesheet management, employees, internal discussions, wiki's, company transparency, client management, project management, etc. It's not yet released to the public but enter your email address on the sidebar and you'll get updates on it's public launch.


This is part of an ongoing series about traveling as a remote worker or "nomad" if you must. The end goal is to show that it's totally possible to work from anywhere in the world, with your children, and also be a tourist. I'll also discuss the tools I use to help make this possible.