What I'm Working On Now

Ever get asked, "So what are you up to now?" Yea me too. So this page answers that question. Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.


It's been half a year since updating this page. Sorry about that. So a quick update on some fun stuff in the last year.

  • Spent a week in Medellin
  • Spent a bit too much time drinking rum.
  • Worked a lot.

Now onto what I'm doing NOW...


I'm still here in Nicaragua and loving it. No real update here but feel free to read my post about my love affair with Nicaragua.


My oldest is still happy in Europe about 3 after moving there. She's seen a ton of cool places and I'm pretty jealous of all her travels.

My youngest is studying full time, working full time, and also always grinding on her side projects. She loves fashion and hopes to move into that world when finished with her studies (if not sooner).


Quick updates on my current businesses:

  • California Wax Bar Every month is better than the previous in terms of revenue. Things are going great and we opened a second location in the expat loaded town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Also considering opening some stores in the US.
  • Netlandish 2023 was the slowest year on record for the company (worse than 2020). I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. One thing for sure is I'm charging hard to bring those projects up to normal levels.
  • HelpYouFind.Me While it's user base is growing, it's growing very slowly. We're re-thinking our target market and strategy at the moment.
  • AnyHow We've basically stopped marketing this and just keep it up for ourselves and the few paying customers it has.
  • Insight Miners After may pivots and even a patent (pending) we've decided that we should shut this down and return what remaining money was left to investors. This business is essentially dead.
  • Colonial San Martin I've made some progress here and had an architect design two style homes and the community area and pool. The country of Nicaragua is building a new road from the Costa Rican border up to central coast area of the country. They want it to be their version of "PCH". The good news is, this runs right along Colonial San Martin, the bad news is there was a whole issue with them potentially needing to claim some of my land for the road. It interrupted a sale I had in progress but in the end it all worked out and the buyer is still interested. So we're all good and continuing on.

Programming in Go

A few years into Go now and I love writing in it. It's such a fluid experience and really feels like my origins programming in C. I've (or we've) produced quite a lot of software in Go now including entire web development helper frameworks, servers, and other utilities.


I'm currently on my 6th book of the year. I'm currently reading "Buy Then Build" by Walker Diebel.

Here are the books I read in 2023 along with some thoughts on each.


I listen to a few podcasts. They can change at times but for now, these are the ones I'm currently listening to:

  • My First Million - I LOVE this podcast. I just found it this year. The title sounds cheesy but the pod is not at all. This is probably the best podcast I've found in terms of actionable business advice and talk that's spoken in a natural way. Almost like I'm just talking shop with my friends.
  • Swindled - Never gets old. Such a good podcast.
  • Heart Starts Pounding - Great story telling. True crime mixed with eerie events.
  • How I Built This - Great show but I usually skip half the guests just based on my interest in the company itself that's being covered.
  • Tim Ferris (I actually skip majority of the episodes but sometimes there's a guest I'm interested in).
  • Business Wars - Cool podcasts about companies fighting against each other.
  • Business Movers - Podcast that tells the stories of how companies went from one phase/stage to the next. Interesting because it covers very large brands and usually their humble origins.

Last updated June 1st, 2024.