What I'm Working On Now

Ever get asked, "So what are you up to now?" Yea me too. So this page answers that question. Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.


After a month spend in Medellin I'm now back home in Nicaragua. You know there is something quite special about this country. It's funny to be in a worldly city like Medellin and miss the tiny, in comparison, city of Managua. The fact is, Nicaragua is now home to me. It feels that way as well. When I walked out of the airport I felt at ease. Happy to be home.


My oldest is happy in Europe since her move last fall. She's already done a ton of traveling and also been asked to extend her contract another year. So she's staying put for a while.

My youngest is studying full time, working full time, and also always grinding on her side projects. She loves fashion and hopes to move into that world when finished with her studies (if not sooner).


Quick updates on our projects:

  • Netlandish is humming along as usual. We have such great clients and every day I feel lucky we get to work with them.
  • HelpYouFind.Me is live and we've been doing a lot of work trying to get the word out. It's a hard product to sell but the communities we're focusing on are coming around. Slowly but surely. This is a fun product to work on.
  • AnyHow Not sure if it's just pessimism but I am slowly losing my motivation for this product. I've entertained the thoughts of looking to sell it to a company with more time, bandwidth, and money to properly market it. It's been hard going up against these juggernauts also in the same space.
  • Insight Miners is actually in the middle of an exciting step. I don't want to talk much about it yet and there's a lot that can still go wrong so I don't want to count chicks before they hatch. But our progress here has been solid.
  • Colonial San Martin I've been slowly learning video editing so I can product content to promote CSM. I've got a ton of footage just need to sit down and edit these together. It's actually a very hard process for me so it's been on the back burner.


I fell slightly short of my 2021 Goodreads challenge. I've basically done the same number for my 2022 challenge.

Last updated March 21st, 2022.