What I'm Working On Now

Ever get asked, "So what are you up to now?" Yea me too. So this page answers that question. Inspired by Derek Sivers /now page movement.


My oldest has completed college a semester early. I'm so happy about this. Not just proud papa happy but also I paid my last tuition payment (for her anyway hah!)

My youngest has been accepted to CSULB Fashion Program which it looks like she'll be accepting. This is great because she can attend college in Long Beach, close to home (no dorm fees, etc.)


2020 was the worst year in the history of my company Netlandish. I took a decent sized loss thanks to aggressive saving we took it on the chin and are continuing on. So far 2021 is looking good for us.

  • AnyHow is doing OK. Our new biz dev person has been fantastic. We haven't had the signups at a rate we'd hoped for but every day things get more fine tuned. Slow & steady.
  • Insight Miners is actually in the middle of an exciting step. I don't want to talk much about it yet and there's a lot that can still go wrong so I don't want to count chicks before they hatch. But our progress here has been solid.
  • Colonial San Martin is looking more and more beautiful every day. The water project is basically completed. My goal is to be more aggressive with lot sales this year.


I'm currently in Nicaragua. I arrived Jan 8th and am returning to Los Angeles on March 8th. My plan is to move here full time by the end of the year. Technically I live here more than not but I still have a residence in LA and I'd like to cut those strings and expenses.

LA will always be home but I'm ready to move on.


I achieved my 2020 Goodreads challenge. I've basically done the same number for my 2021 challenge.


I've written a few posts in the last few months. Not as much as I'd like but more than I'd been putting out previously. That's been fun but I'd like to do a lot more of it. Trying to find my rhythm to get more writing done.

Learning Go

I've been learning the Go programming language for the last few months. I actually the tagging app (I call it tago) essentially ready for an initial release. Just finding the time to write up some basic docs is my current hold up.

I've also replaced an internal auth service with a new Go daemon I wrote. Honestly we didn't need the performance boost but it was cool to see it working in production once it was live. It was also just a great learning experience for me.

Last updated February 18th, 2021.