Why I Ditched My iPhone And Came Back To BlackBerry

Wow, I've been missing in action haven't I (at least on this f'n blog.) Sorry about that. I promise to try and write more posts but knowing me I'll get tied up with a ton of other things and put this on the back burner... like I always do.

Anyways, on to the actual article...

A few months ago I finally got frustrated enough with my iPhone that I decided to do something I had been wanting to do for 6 months or so... I switched back to a BlackBerry.

Of course, a few days after I made the switch the new iPhone 3GS was announced and I immediately regretted my decision.

So here I am, nearly 2 months later, the 3GS is already out (and selling like hot cakes) and guess what? I'm totally happy with my Blackberry. It does everything I want out of a smart phone and does it very well.

Here were my main gripes with the iPhone (and remember, I had one since they were first released in 2006):

  • How about the short life span for one?

  • My biggest complaint was the keyboard. It really was a huge pain in the ass for me to use that keyboard. I can't say enough how much I hated that keyword. Landscape mode was better but still not as good as my Blackberry Bolds keyboard. Yea, I truly hated that keyboard. (how many times can I use the word keyboard?)

  • Lack of MMS capabilities. God that drove me crazy. Especially since half the time you go to see your MMS message via AT&T's god awful "viewmymessage.com" site it didn't work. Seriously, NO MMS?

  • Ok, this is crazy. No copy & paste? Are you fucking kidding me? I "learned" to deal with it from the very beginning and I couldn't believe it still wasn't an option on the most advanced phone ever created. (Yes, I actually use copy & paste probably 10x a week on my Blackberry!)

  • No background processing. I would like to leave my messenger open in the background while I make a phone call or search my email. Not possible with the iPhone.

Those are just some of the reasons. Not it's not all bad. I actually do miss the iPhone, but not enough to switch back.

What I miss is the super easy navigation. Flick of the finger and a tap and I'm where I want to be. Oh, and the web browser. Hand's down, best mobile browser EVER! Blows the blackberry browser out of the water!

Even though some of my complaints are fixed on the new iPhone OS (ie, copy & paste was FINALLY added) there still is the keyboard issue, MMS still isn't supported though now it looks like it's an AT&T thing and still no background processing.

I didn't mind the iPhone's email client so much (though I wish it had PUSH support, which is coming soon?) but the Blackberry email application and SMS/MMS abilities are so smooth and efficient. Handling email on my Blackberry is so easy and it even catches a lot of spam that Gmail misses, which is cool.

All in all, I'm glad I came back to Blackberry. Oh, and Blackberry messenger is an awesome app! Too bad any of the AIM client's aren't as slick.