Why I Came Crawling Back To The iPhone

Well that didn't take very long did it? Roughly 10 weeks ago I wrote about why I was switching from my iPhone (which I had used for nearly 2 years) back to a BlackBerry.

Well, the other day I broke down and picked up a brand new iPhone 3Gs. I know, I know. I'm a fan boy I guess.

Truth is I love my Blackberry but I also loved the iPhone. With the new release of the iPhone OS (version 3.1), the addition of MMS support (finally!) from AT&T and all the apps I loved and really missed using, I decided to come back to the iPhone.

I bitched about a few things in my post about why I left the iPhone to begin with... The biggest reason was the keyboard. That problem is still there, although the new landscape support really helps - at least in the two places I need it most (email and sms)

There still is no background processing either, but with the addition of PUSH technologies it's sort of helping me forgive that short falling.

All of the other reasons I was burnt on the iPhone have been fixed. MMS, Copy & Paste, [what seems to be] better hardware, etc. have brought me back.

Here is a list of some of the apps that I quickly installed (and love!)

Awesome Note, Touch Term, Ping!, Twitterific, Sportacular, Sirius/XM, Brain Tuner, Currency, Flixster, Remote and Urban Spoon.

Got any other app recommendations for me?