The Best Gift You Can Give Yourself This Season

Sure all those new gadgets on your wish list are cool but what good are they if you're not around to enjoy them? Why not give yourself something that is free, will make you feel great and help you live longer so you can enjoy all your toys.

Give yourself the gift of Health. So cheesy I know... you do love cheese right?

(You were probably expecting me to promote one of my products weren't you... not this time hah!)

I ran across this new study (via Donklephant) that outlines the risks of being overweight and it's effects on heart failure. Yea, no new shocker there but some of these numbers blew me away.

From the article:

"Overall, the risk of heart failure increased by 180 percent in men who met the definition of obesity according to their body mass index (BMI of 30 and higher), and by 49 percent in men who met the definition of overweight (a BMI of 25 to 30)."

We all know that being overweight is bad but these results are pretty scary. I'm no Arnold but I do make it a point to work out every day. If that's a little too much for you, take it down to 2 or 3 times per week. Surely you can give yourself 3 hours a week to keep healthy... right?

I know how hard it is at first, but make it part of your "routine" and it gets so much easier. You'll feel better, look better and have more confidence. Where's the downside?

Happy Holidays everyone!

PS- Yes, I know the downside is you have to "work out" =)