Starting with Django

Django (pronounced: 'zhang-go') is a web application framework written in Python. I have read about it for some time but never got the time to start messing with it. I wish I had as it would have made my previous development for some sites much easier. Anyone who knows me will say that I love to preach Python. So when I started learning Django it was a very easy transition. I obviously still have a lot to learn (in Python and Django) but as I continue to learn the framework the more impressed I am with it.

There are other great frameworks available. TurboGears is one of them. I feel like the momentum is behind Django and has a larger community. To be fair, I honestly haven't tried TurboGears yet. I don't plan to any time soon as Django has given me what I need, in a way that fits my style.

I am working on a new project, which I don't want to give many details about yet. Hopefully I can have a private beta together in a few months, depending on the time I have available. I will say that it will be a social environment (I know, not another one!) and I believe it will be useful and unique. I will keep this blog updated with my progress.

If you are interested in a comparison of Django with other frameworks (Ruby on Rails, TurboGears, etc.) then Google is a good place to start. I did enjoy this post on the topic.