Nearly 4 Years In and I Still Suck At Writing Blog Posts

I first registered the domain name back in 2005 and pretty much had a blog up ever since.

In 2007 I switched from WordPress to Serendipity because I wanted to use PostgreSQL as the database (holy war flame bait, but I f'n hate MySQL!) and WordPress didn't have the support for it.

A few months after that I started to learn a web development framework named Django. Well like any normal developer learning Django my first project was a blogging platform and so I soon switched the platform, yet again, from Serendipity to my personally developed system I call "pscom." Real original, I know.

I'm rambling and getting off topic (which actually makes this post exactly on topic, because I suck at writing blog posts,) so let me get on track...

The archives on this blog currently go back to 2007 because I just scrapped everything before that. Since January 2007 I have written 164 blog posts - including this one.

So over the last 46 months I average about 3.5 blog posts per month. Pitiful. Not that it really matters, I don't think many people read this blog, but it helps keep me sane so I keep it around :)

Seriously though, my tiny blog littered with crappy, but original, articles has actually done a whole lot of good for me. I've landed contracts from it. I've made countless sales of my products from it. I've met and developed friendships with other developers & marketers from it.

Even though I suck at writing blog posts (and in general) I'll continue writing on this blog. I mean, it's not all bad. You're sitting there reading this right now afterall... (oh, and thanks for that!)