Mom and Pop Money - Trading Customers For Cash

I wrote a few weeks back about a new product I was getting ready to launch named "Mom and Pop Money". The product had been ready for a few weeks but I had to wrap up some things before I could officially release it.

Last week I gave an early release to the waiting list and my blog's mailing list. So far the feedback has been exceptional! I am very happy with the results so far and have received some awesome testimonials. Testimonials so good you'd think I paid the people to write them... but I didn't.

What exactly is "Trading Customers For Cash"?

Essentially it's generating leads online for resale to local "mom and pop" businesses. I've written in the past about this method and I got a few emails asking for more info. I decided then to create this product and offer it for sale. I can see this was a very smart decision.

The product guides you through the entire process and includes all the tools needed to run this sort of business online. Here is everything that's included:

Mom and Pop Money eBook - 14 chapters of "meat and potatoes" revolving around a lead generation system that I've been using for some time.

Lead Management Software - I spent good hard money to have this software produced. It makes managing the entire system an absolute breeze. It will be included in the product.

Free Templates - Some free website templates that I have actually used do work this system. I might be using them right now!

Video Tutorials - Tutorials that are easy to follow and show you how to install the lead management software and upload the free template that's also included.

Phone Consultation - I will personally spend some time on the phone with you to discus this system and how you can set yourself up to start making a profit a.s.a.p.

There is also another bonus that's included but I don't want to make this post to "sales pagey". That's what the actual sales page is for :)

So if you're tired of all the same old recycled "make money online" BS being passed around, you will probably get a kick out of Mom and Pop Money. I recommend you Check it out here...