How To Use SuperFeedr In Your Django Project Using DjPubSubHubbub

Last year I started using an awesome service called SuperFeedr in a few projects I'm working on. Basically it's a service that notifies me when new content is available. Saves me from having to build a constant polling service to check for new data. You can read all about it on their website as they'll sell it much better than I just did ;)

Since I pretty much write everything I do in Python / Django I went looking for a Django app that supported the PubSubHubbub protocol. After a lot of searching I found there was one app named djpubsubhubbub. Only problem was, it hadn't been actively developed in over a year and had a few bugs.

The bigger problem was that it didn't work with the SuperFeedr hub servers. This is because of extra requirements needed for authentication, etc.

Long story short, I took over the project (view it here,) brought it up to date and got it working with modern Django releases. I also extended it to be very easy to customize the headers sent based on a "feed" or hub url.

I also took some time to write a quick tutorial on getting the app working with your Django project and SuperFeedr. If you're familiar with Python and Django, this should be an absolute snap to setup and get working. Enjoy!

Click here to read the tutorial...