How To Trade "Customers For Cash"

I put together a quick report and video that involves what I call "Trading Customers For Cash." Essentially it goes over a form of lead generation for small businesses.

With the economy being what it is this business model is doing very well. Business is slow so it's tougher for small companies to keep their advertising budget what it once was.

Instead they can spend less by paying someone like me (and you!) to help generate new customers for them. This is pretty easy once you know what you're doing. Also, if you're doing this right, you will be giving them highly targeted customers which should mean a higher conversion for the small business. Of course the new customer is getting what they wanted to begin with and you're getting a nice payday for your trouble.

It's a true win-win-win...

I'll let you watch the video & read the report. It's absolutely free.

Click here to get the report and watch the video.