How To Find Profitable Keywords With Virtually No Competition

It's no secret that internet marketers make heavy use of PPC marketing. With the steady rise of online advertising the PPC competition has really heated up. Making your campaigns more expensive and tougher to get visitors to your website.

A few weeks ago I found an awesome report called Digging For Gold that discusses a few techniques to find profitable "natural language" keywords. Because these are long tail and phrased in a natural way, the competition for these phrases is very low — or doesn't exist at all.

The report costs $7 but I would of happily paid triple that and walked away happy. It details a few tricks and also has a pretty clever way to use Google Analytics to see the exact phrases searched for when your ads were triggered and the user clicked your ad.

Remember, google only sends the "keyword" match but not the actual phrase that was searched. There is a huge difference there. Using Google Analytics to track patterns will let you know what long tail phrases to bid on and chances are you will get extremely cheap rates on those ads.

I don't want to give away how to execute the trick so go get the report. Definitely good stuff.

Check out Digging For Gold Here