How The Grand Canyon Insulted My New Puppy

So I spent the weekend camping in Williams, AZ. My kids have been visiting their grandparents in New Mexico and we thought it would be fun to meet my in laws half way in Williams and spend a few days camping. Sure beats flying out to NM, picking up my daughters and then flying back home.

As if getting my kids back wasn't bad enough (kidding... or am I?) they decided to bring a puppy with them, which we named Titan. My brothers boxer had puppies with a chocolate lab and the result was 7 pretty cool looking pups.

Now the Grand Canyon was only a 40 minute drive from our camp site and my wife had never seen it before so we were off to check it out.

We got there and parked to check out some views, seen in the photos below (they aren't the greatest, I took them with my BlackBerry)



After a nice picnic lunch we wanted to take a hike into the canyon a little, and this is where the canyon decided to spit in the face of my new puppy.

Staring us right in the face was a sign that said ... "No Dogs" with one of those logos that had the circle with the line through the face of a dog. You know what I'm talking about right?

Needless to say young Titan was devastated! This was his reaction:


Poor little guy.