Announcing Python Module For Zerigo Managed DNS API

I've been searching for a stable managed DNS service provider for some time now. One of the big "must haves" was an API so I can easily manage my zones (domains) via software that I would create.

I didn't really find any service that tickled my fancy and I was about to give up. Then I stumbled upon a forum post asking for essentially the same thing I was searching for. A person replied and recommended looking into a company called Zerigo, who offers cloud hosting of various services - including DNS.

The web interface is awesome but the best feature, imho, is their full featured API. It's a normal REST interface that uses XML as the wrapper for the data being sent back and forth.

They even offer 2 API libraries for the service. Unfortunately for me, they were offered in PHP and Ruby. Neither of which I choose to write my software with.

I'm a Python guy and so I decided to create a Python module to interface with the Zerigo DNS API. I'm giving it to the world of open source and it's released under the BSD License.

You can browse, or clone, the source here at the public repository:

Check out the for example usage and tips.

Use the repository page to file any bug reports, etc. Feel free to email me (contact page) if you have questions or need help using the software.